Białka Tatrzańska is a picturesque village situated by the Białka river, which is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers. It is 10 kilometres away from Nowy Targ and 20 kilometres from Zakopane. To the east it borders with Czarna Góra in the Spisz region. From Litwinka hill there is a spectacular view of the Tatra mountains with the peaks of Hawrań, Murań, Tatrzańska Łomnica, Rysy, Kasprowy, Giewont and the peaks over Chochołowska valley.

In the relatively long winter in Białka Tatrzańska visitors can go cross-country skiing, but first and the foremost downhill skiing. The ski slopes are not very steep and at the same time wide and well maintained. There are 21 ski lifts including 5 chairlifts (four-person chairlift 540 metres long, three-person chairlift 1380 metres long, four-person chairlift 800 metres long, six-person chairlift 1400 metres long and one four-person chairlift) and T-bar lifts. Kotelnica, Bania and Kaniówka ski resorts are a part of 1-skipass-14-skilifts system. The total ski area covers over 100 acres. The wide range of varied ski slopes attracts winter sports lovers from all Poland. The ski slopes are well maintained with solid snowpack. It is also possible to ski at night as the slopes are well lit. Additionally, there are more ski lifts in in the neighbouring villages of Bukowina Tatrzańska, Jurgów and Czarna Góra.

In the summer the beautiful views from the hills surrounding the village encourage visitors to go hiking, cycling or horse-riding. It is also possible to go fishing in the river. The place is not far away from trailheads, all kinds of attractions in Zakopane or the Polish-Slovakian border checkpoint. There are a lot of other attractions e.g. Czorsztyn Lake, Niedzica castle, Dunajec river rafting, Terma Białka thermal pools and Termy Podhalańskie thermal pools in Bańska Niżna and in Bukowina Tatrzańska.


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